Benefits of Walking on Treadmill Everyday

Benefits of Walking on Treadmill Everyday
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Walking is a natural form of exercise that most people can do. A walk outside can be nice, but sometimes there are restrictions in our lives that leave us incapable of walking outside.

For example, a lot of people avoid walking outside when the paths become covered in ice. Treadmills can be easily used to fill this gap.

Treadmills are a great option when it comes to exercise because they are suitable for a range of different people, from beginners to seasoned athletes. But, what are the benefits of walking on a treadmill every day?

What are the benefits of walking on a treadmill

What are the benefits of walking on a treadmill?

When we take a close look at the benefits that go hand in hand with walking on a treadmill regularly, all the information that can be found can be a little bit overwhelming. Because of this, we will break the information up into two separate categories. One of these categories includes the mental benefits of walking on a treadmill every day, while the other one contains the physical benefits.

Mental Benefits

Scientists have proven that cardiovascular exercises can improve our mental health. Studies that have been done on the topic have shown a reduction of stress levels, lower rates of depression and an improved level of cognitive capacity. This means that daily using a treadmill is guaranteed to boost your mood.

You might be tempted to reach for a piece of chocolate to lift your spirits, as opposed to going for a walk on a treadmill. But, recent studies have proven that it is movement that makes us feel better mentally. They have successfully managed to link the way in which we associate moving around with finding rewards, a thought that would explain why our movement seems to be connected to our emotions.

Going for a walk on a treadmill is something that can also make us all feel more creative, a factor that is well worth considering if your job requires you to have a little bit of creativity. One study that was done involved creative thinking tests being administered to different groups, some of whom were sitting and some of whom were walking. The results of the study proved that the walkers were the more creative of the two.

Physical Benefits

One of the main physical benefits that people look for when it comes to cardiovascular exercises is weight loss. A treadmill can help you when it comes to burning fat and it could be a welcome addition to your exercise routine. But, you also need to keep an eye on the types of food you are eating if this is your main goal. It is also worth noting that the number of calories that you burn while on a treadmill depends entirely on your own weight and how fast you are going.

Using a treadmill daily can help you when it comes to maintaining a healthy heart. This is because cardiovascular exercises all challenge your heart. By thinking about your heart as the muscle that it is while you exercise, you can use cardiovascular exercises to strengthen all the muscles in your respiratory system. This means that you can strengthen your heart and improve your circulation. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Using a treadmill daily is something that will also improve your stamina and endurance over time, even if you are only on your treadmill for half an hour every day. By working regularly, you will build up your own cardiovascular stamina and muscle endurance, improving your ability to perform physical activity over time. If you are a beginner, then you will have to start out slowly to prevent fatigue, but you should aim to gradually build up the rate at which you work.

A common myth that circles the internet states that you can lose belly fat by walking on a treadmill. We are here to tell you that this is not true, and that spot reduction is not a real thing. We simply cannot choose where we would like to lose fat. But, burning calories means that you will lose body fat. By also eating a healthy diet, any belly fat that you have will lose mass as you train.

Our Top Three Treadmill Tips

Our Top Three Treadmill Tips

Keep your eyes glued on the intensity

Ideally, you should be working at a moderate intensity level. This means that your walk on the treadmill should feel a little bit more difficult than a gentle stroll in the park, but it should not feel like you are attempting to take on a marathon as quickly as possible. Our tip for getting this right would be that you should be able to speak in short sentences without having to gasp for air.

The ability to change intensity levels is one of the best things about treadmills. You can change your speed, build your incline, and change the way in which you exercise. Adding incline on your treadmill walk is something that gives you more of a cardiovascular workout. Try to keep a log of all your data, including your heart rate if your treadmill measures it. That way, you can see your own progression.

Try to avoid holding onto the handles

This is something that a lot of people do while they are walking or running on treadmills because it makes them feel more secure. Ask yourself this: Would you ever actually run with your arms in that position? Ideally, you should be moving your arms in a way that is quite natural. To do this, you might have to go a little bit slower while you get used to walking without the handles, but the result will be worth it.

Try to keep an eye on your posture

If you walk into a gym, you will quickly notice that a lot of people hunch their shoulders over while they are on a treadmill so that they can keep their eyes glued to the console in front of them. Try to look straight ahead and avoid looking down unless you absolutely need to. This sort of bad posture can lead to more problems and potentially muscle issues in the future.


Walking on a treadmill every day is something that could sound like a tedious thought. But, walking on a treadmill daily is something that becomes a habit, like brushing your teeth in the morning. Who wouldn’t want to walk on a treadmill and benefit in both physical and mental ways?


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